Creamy Hatch Green Chile Dip

Green chile dip is an easy hot dip recipe that will be a huge hit at your next party.

Ingredients you will need:

Ingredients you will need:

– cream cheese – sharp cheddar cheese – Hatch green chiles – corn, fresh, frozen – mayo or sour cream – garlic powder – cumin – cilantro

HOW TO MAKE Hatch Green Chile Dip:

– Place cream cheese on a microwave safe plate and heat for one minute. (You can also let it sit at room temperature until soft enough to work with).

HOW TO MAKE Hatch Green Chile Dip:

– Add softened cream cheese to a large mixing bowl and stir until smooth. Add cheddar cheese, green chile, corn, mayo, garlic powder, cumin, and cilantro and stir until well combined.

– Grease a baking dish with non-stick spray. I used a cast iron skillet, but any oven proof dish will do. Add all of the cream cheese dip mixture to the dish. Top with the extra cheddar cheese. – Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until edges are bubbly and dip is hot throughout.

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