Air Fryer Cheesecake Recipe

A delicious & easy sweet treat!

This homemade air fryer cheesecake recipe is a baker’s dream.


How to make an Air Fryer Cheesecake:

– In a large mixing bowl, mix the cream cheese with a mixer until creamy and smooth. Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla and mix well. Add eggs, one at a time mixing well after each addition.

– Pour batter over graham crackers crust in prepared pan. Place the pan in the air fryer and air fry at 290F for 20 minutes. You may want to check the top to be sure it’s not browning too quickly. If it is, top with a piece of foil. Turn heat down to 240 degrees F and continue to air fry for 20 more minutes.

– When the cooking cycle is complete, let the cheesecake rest in the air fryer for 20 minutes. The center of the cheesecake should be slightly jiggly. Remove then refrigerate for 4- 6 hours or overnight. – Keep cheesecake refrigerated. Top with strawberry pie filling before serving.

How to make an Air Fryer Cheesecake:

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