Air Fryer Steak Fries

These homemade fries from scratch are a quick and simple side dish or snack the whole family can enjoy

– frozen raw shrimp – oil spray – kosher salt to taste – fresh cracked pepper – Any preferred additional seasoning

Ingredients you will need:

HOW TO MAKE  Air Fryer Steak Fries

Cut potatoes in half then cut each half in half until you have 8 wedges per potato. I keep the skin on, but you may prefer to peel them.

HOW TO MAKE  Air Fryer Steak Fries

– Spread potatoes onto a baking sheet, or use a large bowl or even a large zip top bag. Drizzle with olive oil being sure each steak fry gets coated. This will help the seasonings adhere.

HOW TO MAKE  Air Fryer Steak Fries

– Sprinkle seasonings over steak fries, being sure to get some on each side. – Place wedges into the air fryer basket in a single layer. The easiest way to get all the wedges into the basket is to place them skin side down.

HOW TO MAKE  Air Fryer Steak Fries

– Air fry steak fries for 18-20 minutes at 400 degrees F. There is no need to flip or shake, but you may want to check for doneness at the 15 minute mark. They are done when they are golden brown with a crispy texture and can be easily pieced with a fork.

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