Sheet Pan Chicken Bok Choy

Oven roasted on a sheet pan for a quick, tasty and healthy dinner.

– frozen raw shrimp – oil spray – kosher salt to taste – fresh cracked pepper – Any preferred additional seasoning

Ingredients you will need:

HOW TO MAKE  Sheet Pan Bok Choy:

– In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients of the marinade. – Add the chicken with the veggies to a large bowl, and pour the marinade over it. – Place in the fridge for 1 hour.

– Place the marinated chicken and veggies on the sheet pan in a single layer. Discard the rest of the marinade. – Place the sheet pan on the top rack of the oven, and cook for 20 minutes. – Remove from the oven, garnish with green onion and serve on rice if desired.

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